The start of something new.

I've never had a blog before, but I decided that since my life is evolving the way I chronical it should evolve as well.

The title of my blog, Le Desir Irresistible, means the irresistible desire. This stems from my favorite quote by Robert Frost. "Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired," I saw this quote when I was 15 and it has stuck with me ever since.

Love is absolutely fascinating. Love can break your heart, mend your soul, begin a life, or end a marriage. It can be the greatest feeling in the world, or absolutely destroy someone's life. Love is so fascinating because it has aspects that are negative and positive.

Love makes me happy that my mother finally has a steady job. Love also makes me wish she would never talk to me again because she is destroying the life of my youngest brother.

I have learned that judging from an initial impression is one of the most poisonous things you can do in your life and I try to befriend everyone without assuming what their life is like. I was judged and treated horribly for the majority of my life and choose not to subject someone I don't even know to the harshness that follows a misguided judgment. You never know what someone has been through.

Looking at me today you would assume I have had an average life and done average things to attend an average college and make an average living so I can make it through the rest of my life comfortably.
Absolutely not.
I was abused physically for seven years by a man that deserves much worse than he will ever receive. I was born to a mother that offered me drugs for the first time when I was in Kindergarten. I have been homeless. I have been abandoned. I have been without love.

From every thing that I have experienced in my life, I have learned that love is the most important feeling you can give or receive from anyone. Even if you do not know the person.

This is my example about loving a stranger . . .

What would you do if you saw someone hitch hiking?

You would fear what they could be capable of and drive by without a second thought.

What if the person hitch hiking was you? Would you want someone to care about you? Would you hope that someone had enough care in their heart for a stranger to give you a ride?

I was driving home from Safeway and saw a lady on the shoulder of the road, trudging slowly and sticking out her thumb as she cautiously avoided traffic. I made the decision to care. I pulled over and transferred my grocery bags from the passenger seat to the back seat. I asked her where she needed to go and she said Beaverton. I agreed to take her to Wilsonville. As I merged back on to the road I Introduced myself and she did the same. Her name is Erica. We continued our conversation for the duration of the drive which ended with me offering to buy her a sandwich on account of her not having eaten since the day before. I hugged her and wished her the best and returned home.

I learned many things on that drive.
1. Don't judge.
2. Erica is 47 and has Breast Cancer.
3. She also has a 25 year old daughter and a 5 year old snake named Mcgoo.
4. She had to sell her car to afford her radiation and chemo therapy.
5. She is deserving of love.

You never know how you will affect the life of someone, so why not take the opportunity to show them love and make a positive impact in their life.

My blog will be centered on this irresistible desire, for I have a love of many things. Love of travel, expression, people, art, animals, cooking, family, learning, and most of all: life.