101 in 1001

Start: 03.11.2011
End: 12.06.2013

1. Fully update my wardrobe.
2. Acquire 100 pairs of underwear.
3. Cook dinner every night for a week.
4. Host a Harry Potter movie marathon.
5. Compete in a triathlon.
6. Get Married.
7. Get my passport.
8. Get a massage.
9. Go to a college football game.
10. Fly a kite.
11. Go on a picnic.
12. Put $20 in the Philly fund for each completed task.
13. Buy a cute piggy bank.
14. Run in the color run
15. Go to a drive in movie.
16. Blog everyday for a week.
17. Buy a digital camera.
18. Grow my hair out past my chest.
19. Go to Harry Potter World.
20. Visit Disneyland.
21. Vacation at the beach.
22. Sew an apron.
23. Create a garden.
24. Visit Mexico.
25. Visit Canada.
26. Visit a lighthouse.
27. Take a hot air balloon ride.
28. Go skydiving.
29. See the Northern Lights.
30. Read 100 books.
31. Watch every Sandra Bullock movie.
32. Go snowboarding.
33. Eat a different course at a different restaurant for a three course meal.
34. Go horseback riding.
35. Make homemade ice cream.
36. Knit a blanket.
37. Knit convertible mittens.
38. Go to Saturday Market.
39. Make cake pops.
40. Have my fortune told.
41. Go camping.
42. Hike Mount Pisgah.
43. Eat out at a nice restaurant on our anniversary.
44. Buy flowers for no reason.
45. Write a message in a public bathroom.
46. Leave a 100% tip.
47. Leave $20 in a book for someone to find.
48. Ride a train to another state.
49. Visit Coney Island. 
50. Buy a little black dress.
51. Create a meal from my garden.
52. Join a yoga class.
53. Knit Christmas Stockings.
54. Try Absinthe.
55. Ride a wooden roller coaster.
56. Make my own Christmas card.
57. Go crabbing.
58. Go skinny dipping in the ocean.
59. Participate in postcrossing.
60. Ride a ferry to Alaska.
61. Don't log onto Facebook for a week.
62. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle.
63. Say I love you every day for a month.
64. Make my own cookbook.
65. Buy Mastering the Art of French Cooking.
66. Get my cookbook printed and bound.
67. Visit the Statue of Liberty.
68. Harvest honey.
69. Get a kitten.
70. Make snow angels.
71. Host a Harry Potter Halloween Party.
72. Vote.
73. Take a picture every day for a month.
74. Cook Thanksgiving dinner.
75. Host a game night.
76. Make my own jam.
77. Have a paint balloon war.
78. Cook my way through a cookbook.
79. Build a bookcase.
80. Make my own jerky.
81. Make a piece of art and hang it in my house.
82. Get a puppy.
83. Watch the sun rise and set over the Pacific and Atlantic.
84. Buy a car.
85. Save at least $2,000.
86. Visit my grandpa. 
87. Watch every episode of Lost.
88. Go pick berries for a pie made from scratch.
89. Make my own window coverings.
90. Go to OSF and watch a play, or three.
91. Sew a slipcover for my couch.
92. Get a henna tattoo on my foot.
93. Do a polar bear plunge.
94. Complete 7 goals in a week.
95. Visit Niagara Falls.
96. Go to Pennsylvania.
97. Go to a Jazz Festival.
98. Climb up the Hollywood sign.
99. Play arcade games until I have enough tickets for the big prize.
100. Go to Scranton, Pennsylvania.
101. Go Geocaching.

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