Project Organize My Entire Life

I am a creature who needs organization. I love having a clean and orderly home. Its like a sanctuary I can enter after having a long, stressful day and clear my mind and relax. Whenever my home isn't zen, I start to have this OCD cleaning spree until I feel like my sanity has returned. Who would have ever thought my mom is a hoarder?

I have been looking for many ways to organize, clean, polish, re-create, decorate and just get everything done in my day and life without losing an important paper or address or my mind. Currently, pinterest (who would've guessed) is my usual source of inspiration, but all I do is pin things and think, "Oh, that would be so lovely and organized and such a good idea, I should do that." Thinking and pinning whatever it was is basically as far as it gets. 

One fateful day, I happened upon a blog where a woman organized her entire life. Literally everything. My mouth just dropped lower and lower as I continued to read. She went into detail how she had a 90 day menu plan complete with matching grocery list, de-cluttered her entire home including donating and selling everything not being used, everything in the home is beautifully organized and labeled, a weekly schedule with time carved out for working out, blogging, housework, and various other things, created a budget and started a savings plan, joined a gym and started exercising regularly, and a set in stone date night with her husband. 

My face was officially green with envy, I looked like Elphaba. Then she said she woke up. It was all a joke, and I was so disappointed. 

I wanted answers! I wanted to know how she did it, how she kept it all working, how long it took her to achieve this greatness. I wanted what she had done.

So I am going to do it. Tonight, I started my budget and financial management through mint.com. Its only partially finished on the website, but I already feel less financially stressed. I really like this website because its simple to navigate and lets you set and keep track of goals, like saving for a wedding...

I feel like even though Jason and I already have a pretty good sense of financial management we can do more. We keep a bill binder and keep track of all of our checks, bills, electronic payments, and most spending and anything we don't write down in the bill binder we usually communicate to each other what was being spent. He likes the driving range and I like Jamba Juice.

I am also going to start on our menu plan tomorrow since I have the day off work. I want to keep a grocery budget and stick to it! 

Thats all for now, maybe tomorrow I'll update on the menu plan, if not, it will definitely happen later in the week.


Well, hello there!

It has been a while since I've updated! Realistically it has only been about 20 day, but holy crap its been 20 days!

My last post was how I didn't get my little puppy, but looking back that was just a blessing in disguise. That same night, Jason's mom found us the most adorable boxer baby. She picked him up the next day, and we named him Tebow. We love our football. ;)

This is the first night we got him. Looking at him now, he has already grown so much!!! He was only 17 pounds here, but he has to be at least 23 now. I can't wait to see how big he gets.

Here is is spending some quality cuddle time with Dad. Let me take a minute to be a doting parent. He is incredibly intelligent, he loves play time, he is the worlds biggest cuddler, he doesn't bark or beg or whine and he is a free eater. I love this little boy so much, and its wonderful to see how much Jason love him too. He's gonna be such a good real dad :)

I am typing this and trying not to wake the sleeping puppy on my lap, by the way...

I'm also making a plan to save money, but I can't really write about how yet, because Jason still reads this! But, we will have plenty of money for our wedding, that I'm sure of. 

I also have some more DIY projects in the works, hopefully, and they are gonna be great! My home still feels bare and I've almost been here for a year, it definitely needs some flair!

I am also starting a training schedule for a 5k, I'm absolutely in the "couch" stage right now and my thigh jiggle is yelling at me, so time to get into shape!

Thats all for now! I'll be back soon, promise!



There is nothing I hate more than being disappointed. The feeling is just horrible. It feels like you got kicked in the stomach and then laughed at. To counter this, I try to never get my hopes up about anything.

Well, today disappointment hit an all time high.

Jason and I have been looking for a puppy for about 6 months now and on Thursday we finally found the perfect one. My ideal dog is a Great Dane and his is a boxer. We both love blues and rare colors. Well this puppy was a Blue-Harlequin Boxer Dane. Perfect. He was basically the cutest thing you have ever seen in your entire life.

See. The grey boy. He is amazing. And the lady was already calling him the name we picked out for him.  And that is not me in that picture, I would have never let him go if I actually got him. 

She said she got the puppies mixed up when she was giving them to people. How do you mix up the only puppy you have that looks like this? We were going to get him today, but we offered to get him on Friday and she said its okay because she would hold him until today. 

Its not even that I'm disappointed, I'm heartbroken. I want something young to love and take care of. I guess this goes to the underlying issue of me wanting to have a child, but its not the time for that yet. We're not ready for a child in the sense of financial security, and I don't want to be struggling with a baby, I want to give our child a better life than I had. 

Well, I guess I'm done with the depressing post now, I'm gonna go eat my weight in chicken tacos and rootbeer floats.