Challenge - 2

So this one was something I thought would be super fun! I watch beauty guru's on youtube and I have watched all of them do this with their boyfriends or husbands, you have your man do your makeup! 

Jason and I were watching some soccer on tv (Portland Timbers baby!) and eating root beer floats, which have become a nightly pretty regular after dinner treat, when I suggested this to him. (Well, I was loosely watching the game, I was actually paying more attention to one of my favorite youtube beauty guru's, missglamorazzi.) 

I looked at him and said, "You wanna do something really fun tonight?" I must have had a really cheesy grin on my face because he knew something was up immediately! He told me that there was a 97% chance he would say no to whatever I was about to propose, but I knew he would do it :)

I told him that he should put on my full face of make up, which normally looks something like this.

Well, he resisted at first, saying it wouldn't be fun (even though he was smiling), but when he started to do it he got really into it!! He was asking what everything was, how you put it on, where it went, and if it went on in a specific order. And he was laughing so hard by the end of this he could barely finish putting on my makeup! 

We had a really great time doing this and even though its definitely not something we would do every day, it was so much fun!

So, here is my before face. Well, not really before, just an acceptable photo of myself wearing no makeup lol

The only thing in the picture above that has really changed is my hair length, its a ton longer now! 

Here is all of my makeup that I laid out for him to choose from. No, he was not supposed to use all of this and I am seriously glad he didn't ;)

I know you are waiting for the grand reveal, if you haven't already skipped down and peeked at it, but we are almost there! While he was putting on my makeup, he told me there was no way he was going to curl my lashes because he didn't want to rip them out, nor was he going to put any eyeliner on me because he was scared to poke my eye out, even though I assured him he would do just fine. I can now say he probably would have poked my eye out, just look at my lips lol. Just kidding, I love him :) Without further ado, here is my lovely, fiance-done makeup!

Just look at that blush, what a great makeup artist my man is!! Aren't I gorgeous?

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