A challenge.

I am sure that I'm not to first to admit this, nor shall I be the last. I am completely obsessed with the image hosting site, Pinterest. 

I currently have 1,369 pins and 23 boards. Holy Crap. 

I pin everything on my pinterest - makeup and fashion ideas, wedding plans, recipes, home decorating ideas, gift giving ideas, and don't even get me started on my massive Harry Potter nerd board. 

This is one of the most helpful websites for organizing the things that I am passionate about, but I find that all I'm doing with those things is pinning them. I'm not putting any of those things to use.

So I am creating a challenge for myself. I am going to complete 30 things through-out all of my boards before I pin anything else to them. They can be small things or large things, like creating a slip cover for my couch or making a braided headband from an old shirt. 

Let the creativity begin!

1 comment:

  1. This is a fabulous challenge! So proactive of you! I can't wait to see your lovely creations!