Uh Oh....

This is going to be a random, unstructured blog post. You have been forewarned, let the madness begin!

Remember my Pinterest challenge? The one where I vowed to do 30 things before I would pin another pin.

Well, I failed miserably decided I had done as much as I could with the money I have. haha

I realized I was semi-cheating on my challenge anyway. I was opening a window and leaving tabs open until I had completed 30 things and told myself I would just pin them when I was finished. Needless to say, I apparently have very little self-control.

In other news, I am finally going to be getting back in school!! Yay!! Two major surgeries and an organ removal later.. I finally have all of the needed paperwork filled out and they, the lovely Felicia's-stress-managing financial aid counselors, said I should be back by Fall term!! In case anyone is curious, I am going to school to get a double major in Biochemistry and Human Physiology. I have a serious desire to become a Pediatric Anesthesiologist. I absolutely adore children and the medical field is my calling. There is nothing more pleasing to me than to be able to help others, especially children. Anesthesiology is just the particular specialty that calls my name, it is so fascinating and precise and meticulous and there are so many times you have to make a split second decision. I love it. 

Also, I have decided how I am going to decorate my apartment. Jason and I plan on living here until we make our big move when we buy a home after we get married, but we don't plan on buying a home until after I finish my undergraduate degree, so why not make it the worlds coolest apartment? 

A little about our decorative styles, Jason is a minimalist and I am a hoarder of all things lovely not. The only thing we can absolutely agree on is the color grey, we love it in all rooms. Except maybe the kitchen, but that's mine anyway. ;) The rooms we are planning on decorating are the two bedrooms, entry-way, dining room, living room, back patio and bathroom. Not much can be done with the kitchen, but that's fine because I have a kitchenaid and all is well in the world. 

I don't have any idea what we will be doing in the spare bedroom because its basically where I keep all of my crafting things and my sewing table and where Jason keeps his spare beer bottles, that are neatly stacked. Let me just say we are not alcoholics, we like to think of ourselves as beer snobs and Jason makes his own home brews.

Our bedroom is going to be a steely grey and cream with some fantastic red accents. My next big project is refinishing the large dresser that I got for $35 off of craigslist when I lived alone. It needs some TLC, but it has soooo much potential to be absolutely gorgeous!! After that I am planning to make a nice tufted headboard and a chandelier to slightly diffuse the light. I want to get some matching smaller mirrors and awesome table lamps. I also plan to make pretty, flowy curtains for our window to make the walls look a tad larger. I might be slightly naughty and actually paint the rooms, I can always paint them back to white when we move out. And Mr. Jason can't sleep without a fan blowing on him, so I might find a way to mount a fan on the wall.....

The next room is the entry way, I know its not really a room, but it needs something. It needs a bench. I wish I could find a narrow table on craigslist to turn into an ottoman, then I could fit our shoe storage underneath the table. Yes, we do take our shoes off before we come into the rest of the house because what apartment complex seriously uses nearly white carpet, come on. I want the entry way to have more of a French feel. I have this flippin awesome piece of wrought iron decoration that Jason and I got as a gift, its my favorite thing in my house :) and it has this lovely vintage french feel. 

Outside is the awesome balcony/patio. It was a major selling point in this apartment. I am going to add some flowy, outdoor curtains for privacy, a planter box for some veggies and flowers and hopefully we will get a little bbq gas grill. It is a little too small for seating, but luckily the sliding glass door in the dining room opens onto the patio. My apartment is flippin sweet, and its pretty cheap for like 900 square feet. 

The bathroom is going to be AMAZING!! Its going to be pirate themed, but adult pirate not little kid pirate. Jason is totally on board with this. Get it.. ;) We were at a flea market in Cali and stumbled upon the coolest clock I have ever seen in my life. Its a wheel to a pirate's ship, with a clock in the center that has all these awesome ship symbols. And the fact that I talked the guy down $60 from his price doesn't hurt either.. The shower curtain will hopefully be a Kraken dragging a ship down into the depths, and I am going to be putting two shelves above the toilet and connecting them with some large rope. It looks significantly cooler than it sounds. I am also going to be putting up some "temporary" wall paper that is full of maps and awesome sea serpents. I'm pretty stoked to do the bathroom.

The dining room will be really simple, I just want an actual table and chairs instead of the folding card table and folding chairs we are using now, but at least that's something. I also want to add a shelf and some typography, a clock and two bar stools. And maybe this really awesome, but incredibly expensive piece of custom framed art. Its the life-size photo of Michael Jordan's wing span and it fits perfectly in the cut-out above the kitchen/dining room. 

Finally, the last room, even though you're probably asleep from boredom by now haha. The living room is going to be grey, cream, and tealy turquoise. Yes, I do make up my own words by adding "y" on the end. I am going to make amazing flowy (<-- see) tealquoise curtains, I'm spray painting our black floor lamp with Krylon looking glass spray. I am going to make a fabric cover for the back of our tv stand to hide all of the unsightly cords. I want to make a bar cart/ drink cart in the living room and place it directly underneath the large Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston photo I bought for Jason as a gift. There will be a lovely custom bookcase made by yours truly, and some matching, custom side tables featuring teal lamps. I am going to create a grey slipcover for our super comfortable but not very attractive couch. More than anything, I am going to be making an 8-10 foot floating shelf to be used as a mantle, because I desire one of those sooo badly! I love decorating for holidays, and a mantle is the perfect thing to decorate for all holidays! 

That is about it for all of the home decorating I would like to accomplish in the next year, now I just have to decide what to start on first! Wish me luck!

Hoping you have many adventures and tons of fun home decorating!

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