I'm sexy and I know it...

Because I..I..I..I work out!!! 

Yeah, that was really cheesy, but thats me haha!

I have started a new work out regimen and I feel like I am really going to stick to this one. I forgot how good it feels to get runners high and how good it feels to push myself to my limits, knowing that my body is slowly transforming.

I have to get in shape for me wedding that is less than a year away, and I have to get in shape for life!! Jason and I are planning for kids a few years out and I want to be a positive life example, with my habits already formed instead of just trying them out. 

Health is very important to me and I have let it go the last year, but no more!! I started my workouts two days ago, and in a week I will update with what I have been eating and how I have been exercising.

I may even post update photos of myself with weight and accurate fat percentage. But thats if I decide to be brave, I've really let myself go as far as fitness is concerned.

When I post my weight, its not because I want to weigh a specific amount because I honestly don't care what my actual weight is. I am posting it with my fat percentage so the transformation between fat weight and muscle weight can be more accurately measured.

I will also post what I have been eating once a week. I'll do it on Friday and call it Fitness Friday

There I go with the set blogging days again...

I hope I inspire someone to work on their fitness!!

Stay sexy!

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