Tasty Tuesday: Tuna Pasta Salad

Oh man, only the second one and I almost missed it! 

Its okay, I'm here now :)

This week I was watching a YouTube video of one of the ladies I subscribe to and she made a summer recipe instead of a beauty tutorial.

I was surprised, but it sounded soooo delicious and I knew I just had to try it.

It is a pasta salad, normally I'm not even a little bit of a fan of these, but this one actually sounded pretty amazing. And I added some extras :)

Below is the recipe and my not-too-appetizing photo because I had already started eating it before I took my picture. So, excuse the photo, it doesn't do it justice.

The reason I normally don't like pasta salad is because its either too mayo-y or too vinaigrette-y. This one manages to be the perfect combination of both of them. Try it out, its simple and very cheap!

Sorry again, it tastes better than it looks half eaten....

3 1/3 dry cups of rotini pasta
2/3 cup mayo
2/3 cup italian dressing
1 T oregano
2 cans of tuna
4 roma tomatoes diced (or any, I was going to use grape tomatoes halved, but roma's were on sale)
5 pepperoncini sliced thinly
*Optional: cucumber, bacon bits, mushroom, chicken, artichoke, olive.....

1. Boil pasta, drain, and let cool.
2. Mix together mayo, dressing, and oregano.
3. Add in cooled, cooked pasta and mix together with sauce.
4. Mix in both cans of tuna, veggies, and any additional ingredients.
5. Chill for at least an hour then enjoy!

I like to keep this in my fridge for a quick lunch or to take to work for a snack with some protein! 

If there are any food requests, feel free to ask for them!! I like a challenge and will make nearly anything!

See you next Tuesday ;)


  1. AnonymousJuly 11, 2012

    nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  2. You are very welcome!!! Thanks so much for your comment, it means the world to me! Stay tuned next week, I have something sweet up my sleeve ;)