Tasty Tuesday - Shepherds Pie {Kinda}

So today I had planned a delicious peach cobbler for you all. But, it was my last day off work for the week and I didn't feel like going to the grocery store today. I also didn't feel like getting out of sweatpants or brushing my hair. So, peach cobbler will be next week!

I still had some brownies anyway because my hips were craving those earlier this week. And by my hips I mean Jason and anyone knows I can't help myself when baked goods include chocolate.


I decided to try my hand at some yummy meat pie! The European in me was crying out for something traditional. 

I know, I know. Its not actual Shepherds Pie because its using beef instead of lamb. But I'm on a budget and that budget includes cheap meat! 

If anyone wants this recipe, feel free to comment and tell me and I will post it for you and everyone else's benefit because this pie is so delicious!!!

Now, I only have one photo because I didn't take any of the cooking process because my dog was standing on my feet the whole time and I was a little lazy *think back to why this isn't cobbler*. So here is my one and only photo which is also semi-eaten because we were starving.

Side note: I love paprika in my mashed potato crust.

Happy eating!!

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  1. Felice, thank you so much for you comment on Mary Jane's Makeup today, and for posting it non-anonymously!!! I think we should be able to disagree in friendly ways on blogs, especially about things as silly as makeup can be! In fact, I don't even really disagree with you. I should have been more clear - I've done many posts about contouring and agree with everything you say there and about blush. These 5 tips are meant to be exaggerated examples. I agree that a bit of powder in the outer corners can look nice. I was simply saying that THIS look, with heavy liner half way across, does not work. I personally prefer the liner all the way across, but totally agree that the way you describe your can be gorgeous! I'd LOVE to post a photo for you telling people how to do your method if you are up for it! My email is at that page....Thanks again,