Makeover {Bathroom Edition}

I love the apartment I live in. Its spacious, the neighbors are great, the layout is PHENOMENAL, and its inexpensive for the neighborhood. And I don't mind paying a little more for an outstanding neighborhood... Personal preference.

But it is an apartment, so its moderately plain. You can dress up the walls with art, add bright curtains, and have fun furniture but its not the same as painting and having architectural details. But, its an apartment and you can't do that.

Well, I'm about to break the rules ;)

In the bathroom at least.

It all started with this amazing, beautiful, unique clock I found at a flea market in California while I was on vacation. 

Isn't this the best flea market clock you've ever seen??

It was gorgeous and I knew I had to have it, even though it had a $100 price tag and I had no idea where I was going to put this.

So, bargain-hunter me talked the man down to $44 and after months of indecision, it was put in the bathroom.

I decided I wanted to do a pirate theme instead of nautical, but the only inspiration I could find was for a little boys bathroom and thats not what I was going for at all. I didn't want blues or greens or tans or blacks. I wanted something stormy, sexy, modern, and adult.

I started thinking about what I thought of with all of those buzz words and it hit me. Fantastical stormy seas. Below is my inspiration. Enjoy ;)

This is going to be the color of my bathroom. Its by Ben Moore and its called Stormy AF-700. Its a nice medium gray without too much blue or brown or green in it. I am putting in some white chair rail trim about 5" below an existing towel rack on my far wall and this is going to be the color above that.

The bathroom already has natural oak and white cabinets, but I can't change that, nor do I have to money, so I just have to work with that. So the rest of the colors are going to be plum and white with natural oak colored details.

These are the bath mats I am going to put in. We have a navy one right now, but it needs replaced. I am putting on in front of our long vanity, one is going in front of the shower and the last one will be the toilet contour rug. I really think these colors will look outstanding together. They remind me of a stormy, ocean at twilight.

This is the style of chair rail trim I am considering. I might make mine a little thinner than this, but I think I will have to buy a few samples to really decide. {side note} I have serious bathroom envy over this photo.

I'm going to be adding some floating shelves above my toilet, I like the 2 as opposed to 3. Mine will be white though, instead of the black in this photo.

This is the shower curtain I am saving up for, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. Jason isn't too fond of the white, but I told him I could *probably* figure out how to dye it something darker.

This is the final photo I have for you guys. I absolutely love this and think it is perfect for the feel I am going for. I know exactly where its going and it is ridiculously affordable.

I will be adding more to my inspiration and once I start my painting and styling, I will be updating you with loads of photos so that you may follow along, most steps of the way. If you have any ideas for me that you think I would love, comment with some links, I love receiving new ideas!!

A cloudy, Oregon day to you!!


  1. Thanks!!! I just hope it turns out as beautiful as it is in my head lol